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about the chakras

Derived from spirituality, chakras are center energy points throughout the body where the physical and consciousness comes into alignment. They are referred to as spinning wheels of energy in correspondence to major organs and bundles of nerves. This energetic system impacts our emotional and physical well-being. Keeping your chakras open and balanced allows for your body to function at its healthiest state.


When those chakras are blocked, physical and emotional symptoms can be experienced at that particular chakra point. By opening and balancing chakras, the ingredients in our products can increase and allow for maximum hair growth at a particular chakra point. 

The 7 major chakras throughout our body’s center include the 7th chakra (crown), 6th chakra (third eye), 5th chakra (throat), 4th chakra (heart) 3rd chakra (solar plexus), 2nd chakra (sacral), and 1st chakra (root). 

Contact us at to learn more about chakra healing, activation, and balancing. 

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